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newer proposal, based on in-browser editing, for open pages 2

this is a page for working towards a specification for open pages 2.0.  for now let me do all the editing of the page proper---please propose ways to flesh out, complete, or change the spec in the form of comments.  if i agree i will just move your comment over to the main fields of the page. thanks, rich

notes on open pages 2

merge the following goals

limited development
<2 weeks to develop
little or no ongoing maintenence

wysiwyg, in-browser, limited editing of text portions of the page
supported in firefox, mozilla, and perhaps safari and ie
fonts, colors, lists, headings, tables
escape to html

full, easy editing in composer

style copying

simple page layout
maximizing the editable portion
little clutter in the plain view (show/hide)
page orientation rather than site orientation

scalable, non-site-oriented treatment of images, pages, and links

owners, authors, variable access

self documenting


there are several screens to design:

1. the ordinary view.  this is almost all page-specific content.  at the top is a show menu link and add the bottom is a #comments (add a comment) thing

2. the menu view. if you show the menu then you get the following information and options (i am not sure how these are presented, maybe on the side as now or more minimally at the top). 

a) info: owner, other authors, last edit (with options to somehow see more edits and restore previous versions), number of page views etc., how you are currently logged in (or if not logged in an opportunity to log in), some summary of the policy options for the page (who can edit, view, etc), "more info may be available if you login"

b) options: edit, edit externally, create new page based on this one,
upload file, administer page, subscribers, about open pages

3. the edit view. this should be simpler than the current one. the toolbar will be always detached and will live at the top of the page.  this will work fine i think if the first two lines of the edit view are blank so that one can see everything by scrolling.  below that is any editing critical info, such as who is allowed to edit.  and links for save changes and cancel (these are also at the bottom).  then just the substance of the page itself.  we are going to try to do without the summary, category, group and stylesheet for now.  the link and add image links will be incorporated within the toolbar now at the top.

4. the admin view...

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