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Mozilla settings for authoring open web pages
 --Anna Koop
The ambition of this page is to describe how Mozilla's built-in html editor should be configured for use with open web pages.

The settings for Mo zilla's editor are accessed by selecting "Publish As" from the File menu from any editor window (you get an editor window by pressing Command-E or equivalent in Mozilla).  There are two groups of settings, accessed through two tabs, "Settings" and "Publish".

Configuration of the "Settings" tab

Site name:
This is just for conveniently organizing the various sites you might use Mozilla Composer to edit (defaults to rlai.cs.ualberta.ca (http)).
Publishing address:

HTTP address of your website:

Username and password:
These can be left blank.

Configuration of the "Publish" tab

Screen cap for Mozilla Composer on Mac
Site name:
This should be whatever you set the site name as in the "Settings" tab (defaults to rlai.cs.ualberta.ca (http)).
Page title:
Whatever you wish to appear at the top of the window.  The default is whatever is in the first </h1> heading on the page, or "RLAI - Page Awaiting Content" if there is no such heading.
File name:
The filename of the page you are editing - do not change this unless you wish to save to a different file. Do make sure the extension is appropriate.
Site subdirectory:
The subdirectory of the page you are editing - Mozilla uses the request URI (the address in the location bar) to figure out the subdirectory. The Open Web Project automatically creates new directories as necessary.
Include images and other files:
Check this box if you have embedded images you wish to upload. If you do not and the page is not publishing properly, uncheck this (defaults to checked).

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