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How to extend (add to) open web pages
--Rich Sutton, Aug 27 2004

The ambition of this web page is to fully describe how to use the "Extend this page" link at the bottom of each open web page to

The easiest way to contribute to an open web page is to provide text that will be added to it at the bottom, an extension of the page. Extensions should follow the usual style guidelines for open page authoring, including respecting (or creating) the page's ambition statement and the expectation that your contribution will be refactored by subsequent authors. 

The rest of this page consists entirely of extensions (with a little editing).

This is an extension.  Note that it is bounded by gray lines above and below.

To extend a page, browse to that page and click on the "Extend this Page" link at the bottom.  Type your text into the form that pops up and click the "Extend/Submit" button.  When you are returned to your browser, reload the page to see your extension. 

Your extension should be plain text or simple html such as italics, bold, links, and line breaks. Blank lines will produce blank-line-separated paragraphs, as here.

The end of each extension is marked by a square signature mouseover --> -- rich, Fri Aug 27 2004
If you have turned on "Show tooltips" in your browser, then you can let your mouse cursor rest for a moment on the signature mouseover and see when (and perhaps by whom) the extension was made.

If you check the "Notify subscribers" box, then interested parties will be notified by email that a change has been made to the page.  If you forget to do this, you can always notify them afterwards by clicking the notify link at the bottom of the page you extended.

To learn how to author open web pages more flexibly than is possible with extensions, for example, with Mozilla, click the "How to edit" link at the bottom of this page.

A tip: Extensions are a good way of communicating with the active authors of a page. If you have a question or recommendation for a page, put it in an extension! Interested parties will be notified of your change and may respond very quickly. 

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