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3D Graphing Tools - graph3d

The ambition of this web page is to provide documentation on using the graph3d package. This package will take a 2 dimensional array of data and display it as a 3 dimensional surface.

graphSurface(window, data[, view, color, bounds])

Draws a 3D surface showing the contents of a 2d data array.
view, color and bounds are optional
if window is None, a window will be created
    graphSurface(window, \
            [[i*j for i in range(30)] for j in range(30)], \
                 view =(.5 .4 .8),    #view from point given by these fractions of each axis \
                 color='white',        # color to draw surface in \
                window= ((xmin, xmax),(ymin, ymax),(0, 10))   #min and max of each axis.
Examples of use:
   w = Gwindow(windowTitle="3d",gdViewport=(20,20,550,250))
   graphSurface(w, [[i*j for i in range(30)] for j in range(30)])
   or graphSurface(w, func1(30))
Note: if you want your graph to automatically redraw when resized, call graphSurface
   in your gDrawView routine for that window
Doesn't work for arrays less than 5x5

Graph3d can be obtained by downloading quickgraph from the RLtoolkit page.

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