RLAI Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence (RLAI)

CMPUT 325: Style and Submission Guidelines

These guidelines will be enforced for assignments 4 and on.  You are strongly encouraged to follow them for assignment 3, but you will not lose marks if you don't.

Style Guidelines (some borrowed from prior C325 courses):
Marks will be taken off for style problems at the marker's discretion.

Submission Guidelines:
Every time the submission guidelines are not followed you will lose one mark off your total from the assignment, up to 25% of the total marks available.  These deductions are separate from the style deductions mentioned above.

In order to help you ensure that you are following the submission guidelines, a script will test your code at submission (for assignments 4 on) and will inform you of any problems found.  Note that the script may not be able to detect all instances of improper commenting - you will be expected to check that on your own.

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